Waikiki and Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend, my hubby and I decided to use the gift certificate we won for a 2 night stay at the Aston Waikiki Sunset.  With the baby coming in 12 weeks, it was now or never!  And the gift certificate expires in December.  We also had a massage certificate to the spa at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki that expires in September AND we had gift cards to two restaurants in Waikiki to use up as well.  So it was the perfect time to go.  Plus- the hubby’s birthday is Wednesday so this was his birthday weekend supposedly.

Our regular doggy sitter couldn’t house sit for us, so we packed up the dogs and brought them to my mom’s house, which was where they lived most of their lives.  Nani-Girl wasn’t blind then though so I was worried how she’d handle it.  I didn’t know that my dad was doing renovations to the house, meaning there was a lot of sawdust, and NOISE (hammers, drilling, sawing) going on.  But I had no other choice.  We dropped them off, got them settled, Josh tied them up with a long length of rope to their leash, what could go wrong?

Hubby and I made it to the Aston Waikiki Sunset and checked in.  These condo units and perfect for the vacationing family that want to stay for a week or two.  There’s a great kitchenette and cutlery.  It’s well stocked!  It had a king sized bed and a mountain view which is fine because I love views of the  valleys.

Kitchen in the room

Spacious living room with pull our sofa bed

King sized bed

Mountain View Room

Since dinner reservations were at 5:30pm, we turned on the t.v. and chilled on the sofa since we didn’t know what else to do.  The beach was a block down and I wasn’t up for walking.  I did check my phone and saw that my sister text me…I called her.  Apparently, Sky – my husky, chewed her red leash and got loose 30 minutes after we left her at the house AND she was working on chewing Nani’s leash off too.  Were they really conspiring to break free and come find us?  Really?!  They didn’t run loose in the neighborhood, thank god.  It’s a bad neighborhood and they would have been hit by cars in a second.  My dad got a nice big chain to tie her up.  Bad dog!

Josh and I were worried but laughed it off.  We headed to Roy’s and were excited for dinner.  It’s our favorite restaurant!

Ready to order!

Since we had a gift card from my cousin (it was our wedding gift from last year), we ordered whatever we wanted.  It’s a pricey menu but having the gift card was great 🙂  Yippee!  For appetizers Josh got the veal potstickers and I got the baby back ribs…

They don’t give you bread, but they serve you edamame with a great chili type sauce. Yum.

Veal Potstickers…YUM. Josh devoured these.

Yummy ribs!

The thing I LOVE about Roy’s…it’s the sauce.  Every dish has some savory sauce…I’m all about the sauce.  For entrees Josh got the Filet Mignon and I got the Butterfish that I’ve been craving, BUT I got the small portion so I could have room for dessert.

Josh’s Filet Mignon

Look at that bed of sauce! So gorgeous and delicious!

Every thing was perfect!  All the way down to dessert.  We had the chocolate souffle of course…

I like the cake part and Josh likes the oozing fudge.

We were so stuffed that we took a short walk along the newest part of Lewers, adjacent to Roy’s.  It was Saturday night and busy!  We headed back to the hotel room and I prepared for bed.  Being 7 months pregnant and in an unfamiliar bed was pretty much a disaster.  My poor hubby.  I tried the bed, gave up and slept at least 2 hours on the sofa before my hip hurt, then went back to the back and tossed all night.  *sigh*

Goodnight Waikiki


Sunday was the bulk of our weekend getaway.  No calls from my sister that the dogs died, thank goodness so we set out for our day.  First up – breakfast!  The closest thing to us, walking distance?  Mac 24/7.

Hungry honey? Actually it was ME who was the hungry one.

Mac Attack

Our waiter said I looked about ready to collapse after breakfast and for some reason that gave me the giggles.  Me and the waiter…he kept asking if I was okay.  Josh said maybe he thought my tummy was actually a food tummy and not filled with baby.  Which made me laugh even more.  Oh my…I don’t blame the guy and we had a good laugh.

We took a walk back to the hotel and sat on the sofa watching t.v. and talking about how we should write a children’s book about Sky and Nani-Girl’s adventures.  We read the Sunday paper and talked about houses and where we want to buy our next and LAST house.  The home we want to raise Elijah and hopefully a sibling.  That’s Josh and I, always discussing, arguing, making our points clear, our fears and worried.  I’d like to say this weekend was like our 2nd honeymoon (our 1 year wedding anniversary is near – July) but it was our “babymoon” instead 🙂  The precursor before baby arrives, alone time just me and hubby before our little family grows to three.

We headed out again at 11:15am, since we had the length of Waikiki Beach to walk to get to the Moana Surfrider, we set out early.  We made reservations for afternoon tea time at The Veranda.  Why?  Because we love the Moana Surfrider and it’s so pretty there.  And tea would be a light lunch and different.

The Veranda @ the Moana Surfrider

Someone was having a girl baby shower tea time party – too cute!  We were seated and our waitress presented us with different canisters of tea leaves which she had Josh and I smell one by one.  Oh, a few of them I wanted to try, but we each got to pick one.  Bummer!  I picked their most popular one called Moana Sunset.  To me it smelled like a strawberry icee…is that weird?!  It was ohelo berry and mango flavored.  Josh picked the Moana Royale which has papaya, mango, banana and coconut.  All I have to say was that my tea was DELICIOUS.  I need to find this and buy it.

First we had soup of the day which was pumpkin bisque.  It reminded me of carabasa, a pumpkin/squash filipino dish.  Josh ate it but thought it was okay.  I agree.  My tea kept me happy though.

Pumpkin Bisque – Soup of the Day

Happy with my tea!

Steeping my tea with Josh watching

Finger Sandwiches

Array of pastries

We ate our sandwiches and pastries and listened to the music being played at the bar below.  A perfect Waikiki day!  The food seems little but we were stuffed.  The cones with the cream and lemon curd was so delectable with my tea.  Everything complimented each other and we were both full and satisfied!  I think we drank 2 potfuls of tea each.

Music playing

Our last dessert, green tea sorbet to cool us off.

Tea time was so relaxing.  It’s a bit pricey though at $34 per person.  So we spent a good $80 just for tea time on the Veranda.  But hey…we don’t do this ever, so it was worth it.  The ambience was perfect.  Of course, I realized I drank lots of tea and hardly any water and being pregnant means I needed to drink water.  Since our couples massage was scheduled at 3pm and we had time to kill, I bought a bottled water and we decided to sit in the rocking chairs fronting the Moana Surfrider.

One day Josh and I will be old and rocking in our own chairs at home. lol

Columns of the Moana Surfrider – people watching

I drank my bottled water and had to use the restroom almost 4 times in a span of an hour.  So annoying but necessary.  I didn’t want to be dehydrated.  We killed time talking and people watching.  We saw at least 7 or 8 different japanese couples who had just gotten married.  We killed a good hour in the rocking chairs.  At 2:15pm we made our way across the street (and I needed a bathroom, AGAIN) to the Hyatt Regency.  Our couples massages were going to be done at Na Ho’ola Spa.  My sister got us a gift certificate for a massage and a regular Hyatt gift card and we used both of them to pay for the massages.  At $290 for a couples massage, the price, like everything else in Waikiki was steep.  Guess what, the spa was busy with couples so they didn’t mind paying that price.  We are kama’aina (Hawaii IDs), so we actually had a 15% discount which is awesome, that’s almost $43 off the regular price.  And then we had the gift certificate and card, so we ended up paying $90 (because of tip for each therapist).

This was our first couples massage 🙂  And my 3rd pregnancy massage.

Women’s locker room

Ready and robed!

Josh had a lomi lomi massage and of course I could only get the pregnancy one, which was fine.  Everything was fine until my hips got worked on.  I was tight and the elbow digging in made me a bit tender.  Plus the bed was so warm, I was overheated from the tea time.  And then baby started kicking.  Thanks babe.  lol…when I turned over to lay on my back, I felt like I couldn’t breathe well, baby was moving a lot and I needed to pee but I knew it was almost over and sure enough it was.  I loved the side lying cushion they used, I almost fell asleep but only if baby stayed sleeping I would have relaxed more!  Haha…but we both enjoyed it well enough, it just added to our fun filled day.

We used the showers and got cleaned up then headed out across the street again to The Cheesecake Factory because we had a $50 Cheesecake Factory gift card we got at Christmas.  It was only 4:30 meaning there was no wait!  AWESOME.  We had a “small” dinner…whatever that means because nothing at Cheesecake is small.  Our waiter was cheery and awesome…and I ended the day with an Oreo Cheesecake!  Yum!

Oreo Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

I was so full and my hips were starting to hurt (from the massage) yet we had a ways to walk.  I didn’t think I could make it.  But we started walking, or waddling…as I like to say, slowly but surely making our way past Waikiki Beach.

Waikik Beach

Palm Trees

Classic Waikiki

Love the crazy roots of this tree!

We made it back to the room with me hurting almost all over, so much for the relaxing massage.  I wanted to sleep but it was only 7pm and Josh tried to keep me awake.  Unfortunately the whole sleeping business SUCKS.  I could barely walk from all my walking done that day.  So I tossed and I turned.  I went to the couch and then the bed….*sigh*  I eventually got some sleep…dunno how much.

We woke up today, checked out early and went to get the dogs.  They went nuts.  So not only did Sky destroy the leashes, she cracked her plastic food bowl in frustration.  Temper tantrum…ugh.  We got them home, bathed them, fed them and they’ve been asleep almost all day!

I just got done watching the Lantern Floating Festival on t.v.  They hold this every memorial day and the memorial day after Bobby died I went down to Ala Moana Beach Park and my friend met me there and we made lanterns.  It’s the most moving event I’d ever partook in, everyone there was grieving someone…that’s how powerful and emotional it is.  I cried.  I saw others crying as they wrote messages or names on their lanterns.  People cry when they set their lanterns afloat, but it’s also a closure too…it’s a beautiful ceremony.  Here’s my lantern from 2008:

Lantern 2008

Loved ones

Setting afloat

If you’ve lost someone, you have to build a lantern.  It’s a beautiful way to honor your loved ones 🙂  To Bobby, my grandfathers, my aunts and of course the service members who gave their lives and who we honor on Memorial Day, we love and remember you.  You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

It was a fun weekend despite my sleep troubles.  I think we accomplished a lot and used up all of our outstanding wedding gifts! 🙂  I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend!


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