Prepared Child Birth Class

Weeks ago I signed hubby and I up for a prepared childbirth class at the Kapiolani Medical Center and this past Saturday was our first class (there are 3 classes).  My hubby, the forever student (he’s always taking some class and studying for some final…STILL) said to me “let’s ace this class” I laughed and said…this isn’t pass or fail, you’ll ace it when baby comes out and you be a good father 🙂

We got to class (and yes I did try to get classes at Pali Momi which is much closer to our home, but it was totally booked up) and sat in the front since we were the only ones inside the class.  Some couples were hanging out in the cafeteria.  Our instructor told us there will be 10 couples in all.  Cool!

Our folder from class

So why did I sign up for these classes anyway?  I know how to care for children-I was a babysitter for my nephews when they were months old, so I think I still know how to do all of that, but the birthing part…well, my hubby will be my coach and I want us on the same page as far as communication when the time comes.  Also, I know my hubby, the more prepared he is, he has a better handle on the situation.

We found out in the class that 8 out of 10 couples there were having boys!  WOW!  Even our instructor expressed her surprise at the number.  Class was great and I did like that hubby and I were in sync when it came to the relaxation quiz (a quiz to determine what I rank in order that is relaxing to me).  He got 1 wrong, but the other 4 options he chose were the ones I chose also and most of it was ranked in order as mine.  I think we were surprised we were on the same page.  I was relieved 🙂

I think all the women in the class (ALL first time moms) got a little quiet and apprehensive when talking about the stages of labor.  But it also relieved me knowing about contractions and all that good stuff.  When our instructor passed around the dilation chart though, I looked at my husband and he looked pretty shocked at what 10 cm looked like.  I still can’t believe our bodies can do that.  I believe my hips have been stretching even MORE lately as the weeks go by, they just hurt more and more each week especially in bed.  But if that means it’s giving baby a path out, then hey…the pain is a good thing.  Purposeful pain, as our instructor says.

Crowning baby pic

We watched a short video about the birth of course, baby coming out and the placenta.  Then it was break time.  My favorite part was getting on the floor with my husband and doing the breathing exercises.  I like feeling his hand rubbing my back or holding my hands.  He said to concentrate on him but I started laughing, so I had to close my eyes.  I learned that I can’t get enough breath in me, I run out and hold it…bad habit but I feel like my lungs have no more room!

Then came the clothes pins which got me laughing even more.  We had to pinch the close pin somewhere on our body and concentrate on breathing (hey the pin hurt!).  Then we had to pinch somewhere again and concentrate on the pain (didn’t like that).  It definitely proved the point that concentrating on breathing makes the pain feel so much less.

My favorite was standing up and leaning against my hubby like a slow dance as he helps me breathe…I think because I can feel his chest breathing, it helps me relax.  🙂  Ahhh bonding time.  I love it.

So yesterday hubby said, you are the Queen, you want a massage honey?  Awww….see he learned from class!  That’s worth it already!  lol

I think next week we cover pain management like the epidural, and then on Sunday we actually do our maternity ward tour at the hospital I will be giving birth at, The Queen’s Medical Center.  Lots to do as the weeks count down.  I’m excited, nervous, anxious…plenty anxious.  I just want him here already 🙂

We set up the stroller over the weekend also and the dogs have been sniffing it out, which is good.  They know change is coming.  Very soon!


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