Birth Pain Management

Happy Sunday!

Woke up to Sky looking out the window – watching the neighbors start their garage sale.

She’s so pretty!

On Tuesday I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant.  WOW.

Ten more weeks to go…

We had our second childbirth class yesterday and we went over the Transition Phase, breathing techniques, birth plans and pain management.  The class got smaller, about 4 couples weren’t there.  It was good to learn about epidurals, episiotomies, different interventions that could take place and the massages we get at the end of class is really nice too.  Today we are going to tour the Maternity Ward at Queen’s Medical Center, where I’m going to give birth.

There was another exercise in this class where the women had to stand in line, according to pain management.  10 being the woman KNOWS she wants an epidural and 1 being- all natural.  The men had to wait outside the room while we found our spot.  Then the men came back in and our instructor told them what we did and that they had to stand where they thought WE females stood.  I watched Josh and again he got it right away.  I was a 9/10.  LOL.  He knows me too well.

One couple was cute, the woman told us females she didn’t want any medication.  Well her hubby stood near my husband so they really weren’t on the same page!  I’m sure they have much to discuss.

This reminds me of my grandma Maria’s birthing stories.  She gave birth to 10 children, 1 died the first week she was born.  Last year I asked my grandma about being pregnant and giving birth in the Philippines where she grew up.  Get this:

* she told me no one was around to help her

Huh? She explained that everyone was working in the farm fields so who could hear her call for help?  No one.  WOW.  She birthed her baby herself (at least the first one, she didn’t say which ones was or wasn’t assisted).  Can you imagine?  We’re so spoiled with modern medicine and what to eat and what to avoid and there was my grandma, popping out babies in the house back in the 1940s and 50s, in the Philippine countryside and she only loss her last baby, who had gotten a fever and died within in the week even when the doctor came out to check on her.

Now she has around 30 grand children and over 30 great grandchildren.  AMAZING.  She is so strong.  She’s also turning 92 in August.

I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous about childbirth.  Women give birth everyday with or without pain meds…but I’m 100% I want the epidural.  To the women that go without it, I kowtow in your honor! LOL…you are all amazing like my grandmother.

To take my mind off childbirth I’m busy with my bracelet making…check out more on my craft blog: Fanciful Wishes

My therapy…


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