31 Weeks and Carpal Tunnel

The closer I get to my due date (9 weeks to go) my hands seem to get worse.  Even typing this post, I can feel that the fingertips on my right hand are swollen and quote uncomfortable.  I hate it.

All I can do is wait to give birth for the swelling to go away.  Years of massaging has done this to my hands.  It was only last year that a fellow coworker told me as he massaged my hands that I had carpal tunnel.  I didn’t believe him because my hands didn’t pain me until he worked on it.  Well, he is definitely right.

I’ve iced it, used heat, elevated my hands, massaged them, not doing anything with them all day – same result.  It used to only hurt at night now it’s all day and every day.   😦   I just have to endure it.

We finished our child birth classes this past Saturday and it was overall VERY informative.  Our instructor loves what she teaches and she did really well.  The classes ended on review, talking about C sections and more practice breathing.  I love all the massages my husband had to do for me in the class. 🙂

So as we count down the weeks we still have a lot to do – hubby STILL hasn’t put together the crib or car seat.  I’ve started our overnight bag already.  As for my food cravings..I’m tired of trying to figure out what to eat and if it’s healthy so I’ve been a little unhealthy the past few weeks, yikes…but I’m too lazy to cook because of my hands and everything I cook has no appeal to me.  I have this feeling of wanting to be taken care of…not sure if that’s normal.  Maybe I’m just nervous and anxious about the birth and hoping that I will adjust to everything once baby is here.  I’m sure I’ll do fine but hey, I’m human, I worry.

As for baby – he rolls, kicks, swishes and punches..and I think he burps around 5-7am, 11am-12pm, and from 6pm-9pm.  LOL…it’s an amazing feeling that I will never get used to.  I talk to him when he’s jamming limbs in uncomfortable places in my body and he likes the sound of his daddy’s voice because he keeps still when hubby talks to him.  It’s amazing to have my body weighed down by this baby inside me, getting up from the couch is interesting, laying down has never been so uncomfortable and all because of this miracle in me.  I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and have my body back! haha

And even though my hands hurt I still make bracelets (to keep my mind off of everything) and so far it’s going really well!  I’ve sold a few bracelets so far, my biggest seller being the cross macrame bracelets which I sell for $5.00.  The other bracelets cost more because the materials cost more.  I’m working on the Chan Luu inspired bracelets, wow, does it take up TIME.  And I have to say patience too.  Patience because the thread weaving AND the tangles that can occur.  The end result is quite pretty so I feel justified in the end but it literally can take me 2-3 hours just to make a double wrap bracelet.  Maybe one day it’ll get easier for me….

Cross macrame bracelet, Chan Luu inspired bracelets and heart macrame bracelet.

I said to my husband yesterday…”Can you imagine how much more I can do with the bracelets if my fingers weren’t painfully swollen?”  We’ll see in a few months!

With that said I have an order of cross bracelets to fill out.

Stay tuned for a guest post I’ll be doing this week on Life Full of Loves, my friend’s wonderful fashion blog!

Thanks for reading!


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