Last week I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.  We met back in 2004, I was 25 and married, she only 17 and we were coworkers.

We used to pass time in the spa playing word games, creating little random stories by giving each other a piece of note paper with three words on it.  Or we’d start a chain story, we each wrote one sentence, covered it up and passed it on.  We ended up cracking up for hours.  She was one of the first people I told about my dream and passion for writing.

I shared with her my Mana and Shakira music cds and all the while she was deep down an artist, only later did I see her stuff and was blown away.  I think in a sense she reminded me what it meant to be 17, the world wide with possibilities and life was a dream-full of imagination.  We went to concerts, we even went to watch the meteor sh0wer, she’s just one of those people who saw things differently but in an enlightening way.  A free spirit.  I remember she met Sky as year old puppy and said she thought Sky could see right into her soul.  That’s exactly how I feel with this dog!

Sky – my beautiful husky

Eventually we all left the spa and our lives took many different turns.  She left Hawaii but every time she was in town I tried to meet up with her.  The last meeting with her, we stood knee deep in the ocean talking about this story I wanted to write about a mermaid. 🙂

She also gifted me one of her paintings.  She’s a gifted artist, her pieces so dreamlike.  See more of her stuff on her blog (which she hasn’t updated in awhile)

I saw her last Thursday.  I’m 33 now going on 34 and she’s 25 going on 26!  WOW…yet I felt like we were back at the spa again.  Except now I have gray hair!  LOL…she looks the same, still 17, never aging.

(left) Me and Bianca; (top right) the painting she gifted me; (bottom) the rattle from Chiapas for baby Elijah

The painting she gave me is on my bedroom wall and when I was early in my pregnancy I would stare at the picture, which always reminded me of fertility.  I would laugh and think, how did Bianca know I’d look like THIS when pregnant!  🙂  She didn’t know of course.

I love hearing about her adventures and where life is taking her.  She’s gone to work in gardens, offices, Chiapas Mexico, in japanese cafes making friends here and there and soon will be going to Kauai and Japan.  I live vicariously through her.

Seeing her again and starting this bracelet hobby/business reminded me of dreams and passions.  She’s always followed her passions, even when she worked in an office.  There was always her love of gardening and painting, she never gave it up-I don’t think she could.  I envy passion like that.

As for my passions?  I do write – I blog.  I journal.

One night I was watching Oprah and it was about Haiti.  I was blown away at this one woman who helped create artisan jobs for people in Haiti.  It also showed how Donna Karan employs artisans that make beautiful bags and jewelry in Haiti.  I watched the episode and thought about my trip to Venice, Italy where they made beautiful glass and how at one time in history that’s what Venice was known for.  I told my hubby – I wish I was an artisan.  That it would be MY dream job to sit down making or painting something ALL day.

What am I doing now?  I sit down and make bracelets.  🙂  And I’m in love with it.  Passionate about it even.  I love the focus that it involves.  I love the creativity it pulls from my mind and heart.  I love at the end when I make something and see it on someone’s wrist.  I dream about what else I can make, what styles, what colors, what materials.  Yesterday when I gave my hands a break (bad carpal tunnel) – I had a CRAVING, almost a need to make a bracelet.  It was hard not to do one, but I succeeded.  But I felt empty.  I’d rather sit down, listen to music and make a bracelet than watch t.v.

I’ve sold some bracelets and have created a Facebook page for my hobby called Fanciful Wishes Jewelry.  Click the link to see my work!

Is that passion?  I think it’s a thing I learned through my Lacar bloodline.  I have cousins that create tattoos, my dad and uncles and cousins build and create houses, my cousins also customize cars and bikes…it’s a crazy NEED to create with our hands.  My grandfather was the same way with music.  He composed his own filipino songs.  It’s just a part of me I think.  A part a treasure and love.

I hope it’s a part of my son too… 🙂

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Passion

  1. you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for not only sharing great music like Mana, but your mana… your energy… your beauty…. your creativity.

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