Mini Grams: Baby Stuff

Sky watching 500 Days of Summer with me while I made bracelets

Every time I tell myself to not make any bracelets and give my hands a rest, I do the opposite.  I spent the weekend making some bracelets and then hubby and I finally build the crib!

It made things feel even more real – we have 7 weeks to go before baby comes.  We’re excited, anxious and I desperately want my body to stop aching everywhere.  Especially my hands.  My fingertips feel like there are a million needles in them on both hands.  7 more weeks!


Finally cleared out the nursery and built the crib-just need the mattress and bedding!

We still need to get the mattress and I finally convinced hubby I need a recliner in the nursery so we’ll go shopping from that when he comes home from his visit with his grandmother this week.  I hate to be without him, but Id’ rather him go now than later.

Goodies from Aunt Jenna! Love the onesies.

My baby shower is on July 14th, thrown by my amazing party-planner of a sister.  But we’ve been getting so much awesome stuff sent in from baby’s mainland family.  Baby’s aunt Jenna sent us a changing pad and these awesome onesies.  Can you guess which one is my favorite? HEHE….

Thank you to our families for the amazing and useful gifts!


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