Both my husband and I are in the nesting phase and trying to ready the house for baby.  We have 5 1/2 weeks to go!

Tomorrow is my baby shower – planned by my awesome sister who excels at party planning and hosting 🙂  It’ll be fun!

As far as the pregnancy is going – everything is stable except for one hiccup.  I have pain in my left breast since May and went through various procedures yesterday to try and figure out what has been going on.  I had an exam, an ultrasound, a mammogram (my first), and then a biopsy.  My husband left work to hold my hand through it all.

Most likely they are clogged milk ducts but we’re trying to figure it out.  Results come in next week and I hope whatever it is, is fixable.  I just hope I can still breastfeed.  There is no mass found and that’s good.  So today I’m healing from my hospital adventure (it was so hard to sleep last night because I couldn’t turn to my left…) but I do have errands to run so I guess I’ll tough it out.

Btw, with the advances in technology is there NO other way to do a mammogram?  I mean smashing the boob is painful, more so because I’m already sensitive but come on!  🙂  You would think there could be some other way!

Last night my parents and nephews made a surprise visit to the house and dropped off one of Elijah’s gifts 🙂  His dresser.

Assembled, sanded and varnished by my dad!

And since my dad has down time waiting for their next construction job – we asked him to put shelves in our garage!  🙂  Josh and I have been wanting to do it forevers but with no real motivation.  Well my dad’s motivated!  Thanks dad!

As we wait for baby boy to be born, there is so much to do and stock up on so we’ll be doing that in the next few weeks.

In other news: 

My bracelet business is growing steady!  Thanks to all who ordered and bought bracelets from me.  You rock!  I had my first sale on Etsy which was quite exciting I have to say.  Here are some pics of my latest creations!

5 wrap Chan Luu inspired bracelet

Cross Wrap Beaded Bracelet

Large Cross Macrame Bracelet

I haven’t posted any for sale on Etsy yet but I will.  I’m trying to fill out orders that people have requested first.  Also, since baby will be here soon, I have found someone I can train to make bracelets while I’m busy with baby!  I’m excited about that too, so don’t hesitate to order something.  Click here to check out my etsy store:  FancifulWish

Thanks for reading!


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