Hey Baby: 37 weeks and Counting Down

Hey Baby


Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant but I am so over being pregnant.


No, my back doesn’t hurt as I thought it would.  My hips hurt but now it’s tolerable.  My appetite is good and heart burn and acid reflux isn’t a problem for me.  My weight gain is at 25 lbs, still under the usual 30 lbs allowed and I have good blood pressure.

So why am I over it?

My hands.  My carpal tunnel pregnancy induced hands.  😦  I am in such miserable pain that I curse every moment I wake up, wash dishes, shower, type (like now), eat with a fork, grab anything…I’ve stopped making bracelets.  It used to be mostly my finger tips, but now my wrists joints feel tender to the touch and if I pull on anything they feel like they are going to pop out.  I wear wrist braces (doesn’t help).  I ice them day and night (sometimes helps).  I’ve cut my salt (barely helps).  The cure is to birth this baby.

Last doctors appointment, I was not dilated at all.  He hasn’t even dropped yet…I wish he would.  He wiggles a lot and still kicks or knees me with force right under my left rib.  I try to shush him by singing nursery rhymes and rocking in the recliner.  It works…sometimes.

We’ve had our baby showers – people have been so awesome and generous and we’re really grateful for their help and generosity.

The nursery is all set up and my mom and sister have come over here to help me clean and do laundry because my hands can’t do it alone.

I’m just ready.  I was afraid of the birth for so long and now I just don’t care…I want him here just so my hands can go back to normal so I can take care of him properly!  I hope this carpal goes away quickly.

So with 3 more weeks to go, we’re counting down…baby Elijah will be here soon and I can’t wait!




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