We’re Due! But…

It’s our due date but it’s 3:39pm and no baby.  My BH contractions aren’t even hard enough to take my breath away today though the tightening is there.  He slept all morning (as did I) but right now he’s tumbling like there’s a trampoline in my womb.  It’s like Christmas and I can’t wait to have my gift, but…I don’t know when that will be! Haha…

So I’m still killing time…my hands hurt (but oh well), I’m swelling more (but oh well), my doctor’s on vacation (but OH WELL!)…this waiting game is irritating mostly because I want to meet this little guy who’s been living in me for 9 months 🙂 I’m excited and want to hold him, sniff him, kiss him, nuzzle him and just see if he has Josh’s long long lashes or my short black ones?  Does he really have a head full of spiky black hair (like ME as a baby) or is he bald? lol…so many questions and I’ll have my answers soon!

I hang out in his room, I smell his newly washed clothes and look down at the empty crib.  Josh made sure the a/c vents face the other way so that when I nurse him in the recliner he won’t be blasted with cold air.  I have his diapers prepared and his book case with books I’ll read to him..I want the sleepless nights, just as long he is here in my world and my arms.  And I can’t wait to watch and see Josh fall deeply in awe and love with his son.

And weirdly enough, I was nervous about the birth before but now I want to get it on, get it started and see how well Josh coaches me…LOL…it’ll be another amazing memory we create together…the birth of our child.  He’ll do good, I wonder if I’ll listen to direction though.

So here’s just a photo blog post (since I know I haven’t posted in awhile) of the weeks leading up to NOW.

His crib is all ready!

Josh brought back 2 embroideries from his grandma’s house in Nebraska. One was made by his late grandfather and the other by his mom when she was a child.

To past the time as I entered my 9th month…I read and was anxious a lot.


Finally got a pedicure two weeks ago on my dry, swollen feet! Man does pregnancy make your body change!


I received many bracelet orders last week and needed my sister’s help to finish them. Carpal tunnel hands and all! It kept me busy.


My patient dogs know something is changing with me, especially Sky the husky who’s sleep has been as light as mine have been throughout the pregnancy.


My sister’s bracelets! I taught her how and she has been a blessing to me with my bracelet business and driving out to see me with her boys, knowing I needed help getting the house ready for Eli.

Hopefully the next post on this blog will be a picture of Elijah himself 🙂  Here’s hoping….







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