I’m a MOM

I’ve been a mom now since August 27th, I just haven’t had time to post a new blog.  I was in the hospital for the induction then a c-section and have been steadily recovering and being a mother.  It’s been a wild ride of emotions the last 2 weeks!  I can’t believe 2 weeks have already flown by.

Here’s a pic of my precious boy.  My son Elijah.  He’s sleeping on daddy’s tummy in this pic.


My husband thinks baby boy looks like me…but check out his pale skin!  That’s all dad.

I never knew I could love anything like I love Elijah.  I stare down at him just feeling a sense of awe that he thrived INSIDE me.  That I housed this “life” inside me and now he’s here in my arms.  And when I watch my hubby hold him and sing to him, well…my life is complete isn’t it?  Except maybe I want one more?  A girl hopefully!

We as parents are learning many things and coping with the crazy sleeplessness / changed sleeping habits.  We deal a lot with worrying constantly over this little 8 lbs boy.  My dogs are taking longer to adjust.  Nani-Girl can’t see him but knows my attention is focused on him.  Sky stays by my feet when I feed him or try to make him sleep, she is aware of his crying, sometimes running into his room to sniff his crib or running to get me.  Mostly the dogs don’t know why I haven’t walked them yet, but I’m healing from the c-section and I tried walking Sky and she pulled too hard.  It was difficult and a bit painful to walk her so I’m going to wait 2 more weeks to do so.

If I don’t blog as often, THIS is the reason.

I’m feeding him, rocking him to sleep, soothing his cries.  I’m washing bottles, doing laundry, trying to care for my dogs and cleaning house.  I’m making bracelets, writing articles for a ghost writing gig, and trying to take naps here and there.  It’s been crazy but this is what I was waiting for.

One real challenge for me as a mom is breast feeding.  I just don’t have enough of a supply to feed my boy and it’s made me feel like a failure already in that motherhood department.  Do we women put so much pressure on ourselves or what?  I don’t know why my supply is low but he’s on formula and whatever else I can pump, which is not a lot.  So I’ve been trying to come to grips with that (sigh)…but the main thing is he’s healthy, he’s growing and he’s absolutely LOVED.  What more can I ask for?

I’m a mom. 🙂


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