The Mad Dash

Yes the MAD DASH.

My every day is like a mad dash to do things.  Dash to make my baby formula before he starts screaming his head off, dash to eat or take a shower while he sleeps (because the moment I leave the room, it’s like the kid has radar and wakes up!), dash to do laundry or sweep the floor or do some kind of house chore before I have to carry him to make him go to sleep again. I have to even anticipate how much time I have to cook a meal before I have to attend to him.  I even have to dash in my sleep,  I have bits and pieces of it here and there, but lately I’ve gotten at least 4 hours STRAIGHT at night and I’m happy with that!

I’m even surprised I have time to write this post.  I’m surprised I have time to make bracelets to sell.

And when I have time to sit down and hold him, watching him sleep and wiggle and hum against me…that moment of being still with him, is the magical times of my day.  I’m a stay at home mom, for now…and these are clearly the moments that leave me in awe.

Sure I’m stressed out when I fee he’s crying can drive me bonkers (because I feel a need to fix whatever need to be fixed when he’s unhappy) but I love these moments because he needs me.  One day he’ll be old enough to not have me hold him close to my chest, he won’t lay in my arms all day…I’m totally aware of it, so I’m trying to cherish every moment I get while he cries or not.

So here I ago again because he’ll wake up in about 30 minutes and I need to fold laundry and then I’ll need to feed him.

My chubby cheeked munchkin!

Thanks for reading!



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