Dogs Life

I have two furry loves in my life.  And so I don’t bombard my homepage with dog posts, I’ll move it here. 🙂  Enjoy these dogs’ lives!


Name: Nani-Girl (nah-nee)

Breed: terrier mutt

Age: 10 years old

Status: acquired SARDS last year, completely blind and stayed alive due to thyroid supplement pills and steroid shots.  Latest update is she’s not making white blood cells 😦  But so far she’s doing pretty good considering and she loves to sleep on my baby bump.

She likes to cuddle against baby.


Name: Sky

Breed: Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute

Age: 5 years old

Status: playful as a puppy and never tires of running, playing, walking and lots and lots of praise, attention and cuddles.  *sigh* BIG BABY.  She’s timid, shy, fearful and it takes a lot to earn her trust.

Sky - no matter how much attention I give her it's not enough. I'm starting to ween her from it though because when the baby comes, life will change for all of us!



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