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**Alright-I’ve decided to keep my crafting things on my craft blog called Fanciful Wishes so please go there for anything crafty!**

I’ve been making random craft projects all my life, here are just a few that I’ve finally written down just in case people want to try it out!  Don’t you love being creative?  I do!

Here’s my latest!

March 23, 2012: Paper Mache Boxes

One day I watched a youtube video on doing paper mache and it made me want to make boxes.  Wish boxes to be specific.  My sister gave me a ceramic wish box years ago and I loved the idea of writing wishes on bits of paper and stuffing it in the box.  When the wishes came true I took them out.

These boxes are going to be gifts for birthdays and Christmas.  I went for a vintage theme, with metallic colors as my overall base.  The overall result came out really cute!  Sorry I didn’t think to take pictures to do a step by step of this project, but hopefully when I make more I won’t forget to take pictures.

Supplies I used for paper mache box:
(please Google paper mache techniques to find the best one for you!)
* a box mold (silly me bought paper mache boxes thinking it was a mold…um nope, it was already paper mached! lol…)
* ripped up newspaper strips
* paper mache glue made of: 2 parts water, 1 part flour and a pinch of salt
Supplies I used to decorate box: 

Supplies for Paper Mache Decor

* acrylic paint (any color you choose)
* paint brush
* tacky glue
* flowers

Flower applique

* self stick gems

Sticky gems

* Jim Holtz idea-ology Tissue Tape

* Jim Holts idea-ology Keyholes

Jim Holtz

Here’s the finished product!

Smaller box


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