Long Sleepless Night: Nani Girl update 040511

Miss Nani Girl kept me up last night.  I decided to sleep in the spare bedroom so that we wouldn’t bother Josh since he is the one who goes to work every morning.  After going upstairs at 1:30am, Nani Girl had two more bouts of diarrhea with blood in her stools.  They came about two hours apart so I barely slept.  When she wasn’t having diarrhea she was clawing the side of the bed so she could sleep in my arms.

We went downstairs at 7am and she went once more outside.  I finally fed her and Sky steamed rice and chicken broth and that’s it!  Two hours later she went outside once more.  Her stools aren’t just liquid, it has a form and yes she’s eaten a LOT the past few days.

I feel so bad for her, yet she has such energy still, maybe it’s the steroids?  She’s drinking lots of water on her own, which is great.  She snarfed down the rice and broth, I had to pull it away from her because she was about to choke on it.  But then she went for Sky’s bowl and they have NEVER fought over food…but this time Sky growled menacingly.  Thank goodness Sky hates when I raise my voice, she runs away.  A fight didn’t ensue, but I feel like this house is a circus!

One is blind and doesn’t know her limits and she’s my little shadow lately.  The other is wary of her blind housemate who she tries to play with but gets no response and she grumbles (I don’t lie, Sky speaks when she’s annoyed) when she has no attention from me!

Nani will go to the vet tomorrow and I hope I don’t have to leave her there because I have no patience to wait in town or drive back home and back to town again!  Gas is $4.19 a gallon and I just filled a half tank up for about $40 yesterday in town-a HALF TANK! Oh my god.  It’s about 20 miles one way to her vet!  So I am very frustrated today.  I just need to sleep I’m sure.

Plus I have the wedding invitations to complete and these days the wedding is far from my mind.  I know it’s soon, but I don’t even really care right now.  All I want is a vacation…and to add to the misery, the government may shutdown on Friday, thanks all you idiots in congress, so Josh may be furloughed for 2 weeks.

Vet bills, house bills, wedding spending, gas and groceries price increases…I’d like to disappear for awhile until all is right in the world again.  Seriously.

I’ll take a nap and see if I feel less stressed when I wake up, or maybe I will take a very nice, quiet hot bath.

Anyway check out this clip of Nani Girl who wanted to go upstairs today but then realized I was still down stairs.  LOL…you see how mobile she is even though she’s blind!


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